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Brow Lamination

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 What is brow lamination?

Whether it be microblading, microfeathering, extensions, or a good old-fashioned brow pencil, there are tons of ways to groom your brows these days. While microblading and microfeathering are semi-permanent solutions for anyone who's over filling in their brows every morning, these treatments aren't for everyone. If you have a needle phobia or are nervous that you'll end up with irreversible botched brows, you've probably politely sat these two options out. As for extensions, there are no needles involved, but your brows may start to look uneven as the fibers fall out. That's where brow lamination comes in, which is the latest needle-free treatment for thicker, fuller brows.  

Originating in Russia, but blowing up in England, brow lamination tames unruly hairs and sets them in place for a fluffy just-combed look. 

"Brow lamination is essentially a perm for your eyebrows, but without using the same harsh chemicals," says Giselle Soto, Los Angeles-based celebrity brow artist who just started offering the treatment stateside. "It’s a keratin treatment that not only stimulates growth while strengthening the brow hairs, but creates thick, fluffy, and full brows."

Lamination is a good alternative to microblading because it works with your existing hair, giving you your ideal brow look without the use of needles, ink insertion into the body, and pain. 

How long does brow lamination last?

an average brow lamination lasts up to 6 weeks.

Is brow lamination safe?

It's the perfect treatment for those who have unruly or coarse brows and are looking for a more defined shape. However, if you are someone who are sensitive a patch test is recommended.

After Care

Keep your brows tamed with a brow lamination is virtually effortless.  Just keep moisture off your brows for the first 30 mins, brush them after 30 minutes.  That's it!

Brow Lamination Process


All of our treatments begin with a thorough consultation, so your stylist can establish your brow goals and work to achieve them.



We’ll start the process by relaxing the hair: breaking down the hair structure to make it straighter and easier to manipulate.


Next, we’ll brush them into your desired position before applying a treatment lotion that sets the brows in place.


Your stylist will then color your brows, using our brow colors to mix a custom colour that that’s totally bespoke to you.


Now that we’ve set your hairs in their new position, you’ll need a new shape to match. We’ll map out the shape and create it with bespoke hair removal techniques, which may include a combination of waxing and tweezing.


Those finishing touches make your fresh brows feel even fresher, even if it’s just adding a hair stroke or two.



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