Fall Love - Bring a Friend Keratin Lash Lift Special!



As the shelter in place time has now been extended to May 3rd, 2020 the concern about our health & safety has been heightened.  Simply put, there are too many unknown variables.  We ask that you help do your part by staying home & refrain from any gatherings.  That being said, we are working hard to come up with ways to help during these tough times. We have come up with a list of things you can do during these uncertain times.  Click for More Info

That being said, we understand that you won't be able to come in for your routine appointments.  We will still be fulfilling & shipping out online orders & we will roll out a NON CONTACT LOCAL DELIVERY option for certain products. Available soon! 

As we have been closely keeping a watch on the news amid the COVID-19 crisis we have had notice that the quarantine will continue until April 30th.  That being said, we will not resume normal operations until May 1st.  We will, however, continue to ship out all orders through our website, with the acceptation of the progressing time being extended.  In the meantime, please stay safe by staying home.

Our clients & staff's health & safety is our top priority.  That being said, we have and will continue to practice safe & clean work place.  We sanitize after each client, dispose of all disposables after each client, use sterile tools, we use disposable sheets and change that out after each client, and above all else we ALWAYS wash out hands and would never work on any clients if we are sick. 

As of 12:01 AM 3/17/2020 the County of Santa Clara has ordered a Shelter in Place --  We will be closed until further notice.


It's that time of year again! Superbowl tomorrow, tax season, and of course Valentines! Book your couples LED Facial for $150!

On another note, we do have a announcement to make! Starting 2/8/2020 we will be officially offering BB Glow facials!


It's a long Presidents weekend, and such a holiday deserves some good news.  We will be adding Microblading onto the menu as of April 1st (no, its not an April Fools joke).  With all the rain happening lately, you don't want that eyebrow come running off.  Stay safe & drive safe, and most importantly, stay you. 



LOCALS!  Have you noticed the spike in homelessness in the Bay Area?  It may not be that cold yet, but it will soon.  You do not have to hand out money, but the smallest gestures help.  We are doing a sleeping bag, toiletries, feminine toiletries drive. Donate what you can.

Drop Off At:

Eyelove Beauty
1000 S. White Road Suite 120
San Jose, CA 95127  

or our partner in the drive

Speed Image USA
42329 Osgood Rd Unit C
Fremont, CA 94539

For health reasons, everything must be NEW.

The elections is rearing it's head again & whatever your views are, remember to VOTE!  As an extra incentive to voting we will be offer $10 off eyelash services or a FREE eyebrow waxing to vote.  All you have to do is SHOW proof that you voted in this election & take advantage of this offer.  What do you have to lose? 
Per popular demand, the estimated arrival of YumiLashes Keratin Lash Lift Mascara will be avail 10/26/18

It's already October & the holidays is creeping up around the corner.  We all will start filling our calendars up with parties & festivities. During this season beauty salons are usually ALL booked up.  So remember to book your appointments early to reserve your spot! 

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